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Dora and Karen and Wendy and Yuriko.

Fred Guilhem and Isabelle Rideau, Rick Ballard and everyone at Acetate Records, Daniel Rey, Grace Falconer, Steve Wacksman at House O’Wax, Jojo Malherbe, Derek Shackwell-Smith, Max Décharné, Munster Records, Garrett Uhlenbrock aka Skinny Bones, Curtis Cates and Terri Marlowe at BBQ Productions, Andrew Guise, Noel Ford, Brother Jim Jones, Tracie Hunter, Jeoph Darien, Jim Duffy, Stephen Moses, Paula Henderson, Stellan Wahlström, Glen Mauser, Dee Dee Boddie-Henderson, 4-Way, Anthony Esposito, Tom Komárek, Marcus AC Demuth, MTC Cake & Drums, Gilles at Pitshark Records, Craig Regan, Paul Page, Peter Woehrie and Monsieur Flop, Tricia Scotti, Hide and Maki and Chimaki out of Ultra Bide, Sheena and Makoto from The Rokkets, Nana Oshima, Takashi Goto and Cuddachikurelo, Mandog, Olga Zeltser, Screamin’ Joe Rizzo, Pat Bobst, Andy Meltzer, Chris Elam, Lance Gura, Victor and Pepe and Nacho at I Wanna Management, Bloody Mary, The Cocktail Slippers, Diego at National Spanish Radio, Yumiko Otani and Americo, Col and Denis Gray, Kim Salmon, Nikki Sudden, Phil Shoenfelt, Philippe Marcadé, Freddy Lynxx, Kevin K… and, as always, all the old dudes.

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