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The World Famous Mr Ratboy interviewed by Jari-Pekka

Future plans with Sour Jazz?


Sour Jazz is playing it's first show at the end of february. We're looking forward to finally playing out!!! We're also in the studio recording material for our first album that hopefully will come out later this year. It's just the beginning of our "World domination through Rock'n'Roll" plan!!!


Why did Sour Jazz have to be different than your previous bands?


Because I wanted to concentrate on the music only, not on getting signed, being popular or anything like that. I just wanted a band interested on creating the coolest rock'n'roll music possible, nothing else! I wanted the band members to be on the same wavelength as me,I wanted them to be my friends too so we could hang out and do stuff together even if it was not music related. It might seem easy to achieve but I assure you: it's not! Most bands are not even friends,they stay together only because they think they're going to make each other rich...

Musically it's the same shit I've always done! Actually I think it's even better than my regular excellent shit!!!! And I'm not even joking...

Why did people like your solo album?

I don't really know... I think people liked it coz it was varied. It was a lot of different type of songs packaged in one album,kinda like a 70's Lou Reed album or something like that. If you listen to 70's albums the artists were taking a lot more chances than they are today. They were more "experimental", and it's what I tried to do with my album.


How did you start playing with Marky Ramone And The Intruders?

My previous band (Pillbox) had played a few shows with the Ramones in 93 so I knew Marky a little bit already. When he was putting the Intruders together he asked me if I wanted to audition for it. I did and the rest is history ah ah ah...

What did you like about playing with Marky Ramone And The Intruders, and what are your best memories?

It was great to play with Marky because he's such a good drummer and I used to really like him when i was a kid. I always loved the Ramones but I also love Richard Hell and the Voidoids and Marky was their drummer before he joined the Ramones.

My best memory is playing in Brazil with the Sex Pistols, Bad Religion and Cypress Hill in front of 20.000 people at sundown, that was cool!

Do you wanna tell some special happening about Intruders time?

We used to practice on Rockaway beach boulevard in Brooklyn! It was weird to play some of these Ramones songs I liked so much in Rockaway with Marky on drums!!! No, we never played "Rockaway Beach", sorry...

You played only Boomerang on the Intruders Japan release?

Yes, I wrote it with Marky. It was my attempt at trying to write a "Ramones" type song. I think i did OK, it's a fun song.

Best memories of your career generally?

I dunno, there's a lot! Let's see...

My first show with Motorcycle boy in 88. Recording with Syl Sylvain. Talking to Bo Diddley on the phone. Playing in Japan. Touring opening up for the Ramones. Doing my own solo record! Getting to be friends with a lot of the people I admired when I was growing up!

What is your dream line-up?

Iggy Pop on vocals, Chris Spedding and Ron Asheton on guitar, Bill Bruford on drums, Lemmy on bass!

What do you think about the New York music scene nowadays?

I think it sucks. But Sour Jazz will change all of this ah ah ah ah!!!!


How about this Motorcycle Boy covering to Gabba Gabba Hey - Ramones tribute album? Triple XXX-company made later fuckin' stupid trick to you!

It was good for us to be on that compilation,it got us a lot of exposure. I was mad at triple XXX for a while for taking me off the Motorcycle Boy cover but nowadays I never think about it anymore, it's all in the past. I've got better things to think about!

Your Ramones and Marky Ramone And The Intruders favourite songs?

Ramones : "Strength to endure"! I love CJ's voice. CJ is a really nice guy too, we still talk once in a while.

Intruders: "Better Things"! I know it's a Kinks cover but I think it's actually better than the original! I like "Man of God" too coz Marky sings it!!!

Pillbox toured with the Ramones. Some thoughts of this time? And how do you think Ramones generally?

It was great to play with them ,I learned a lot just watching them every night. They were very "professional". I understood what sacrifices you had to do to be in a successful band...

Like I said before I always loved the Ramones, I think they were one of the best band ever!

Best project where you've been?

SOUR JAZZ. It the most fun, the best vibe. It's EXACTLY what I want to do right now.

Best songs which you've ever written?

"I Live on a Street Called Rock & Roll," "I'm a Prick" (Sour Jazz, unreleased).

"I Get Around," "What She Says" (Motorcycle Boy).

"Holly," "Red Bag" (Pillbox)

"Cruel Medicine," "Invisible," "Down in Style" & "Rocket to Reno" (From my solo album)

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