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​“Heavy and substantial! Next to Sour Jazz, The Strokes seem like one-trick ponies. Four out of four stars!” – Rolling Stone (Germany)​


“Sour Jazz rocks, rolls and damn-well swings like a collection of Puerto Rican chicks’ g-strings on a breezy Manhattan fire escape washline in June.” – I-94 Bar (Australia)​

​“In a music world of retro, rehash, pastiche, irony and post-everything, lo-slung Noo Yawk guitar band Sour Jazz are the real deal. This is a band with potential hit singles, if only we still lived at a time when anyone other than neutered, pre-packaged stage-school kids could get in the charts, or if anyone other than brain-dead nine year olds bought singles any more.”
– Bizarre (England)​


“Sour Jazz embarrasses almost every band that claims to play rock
and roll.”
– Rock & Folk (France)​


“The disreputable and debonair thrill-seekers of Sour Jazz are total rock-n-roll kings. Sour Jazz serve up only Top-shelf Quality Rock-n-Roll.”
– Hit List (America)

“Sour Jazz delivers much more than it promises.” – Ruta 66 (Spain)

“Sour Jazz is a dive into true ecstasy. With a command of the recording studio as sharp as their boots, one thing is sure: Sour Jazz is one of these very rare groups that can revisit Rock n Roll history and stamp its own unique & contemporary sound on it.” – Dig It (France)

“Sour Jazz is so damned good that it's almost hard to put into words! They won’t be leaving my cd player for a long, long time. Absolutely essential.”
– Loud Fast Rules (America)

“For those of you that keep whining about Iggy mellowing out, Wayne Kramer (MC5) getting too artsy fartsy or David Johansen (NY Dolls) morphing into Buster Poindexter, Sour Jazz should quiet ya down for a little while.” – KNAC Reviews (America)

“This is what you call old school New Yawk City rock n roll. Think of Iggy singing “The Passenger” and you'll have a pretty good fix on what singer ​Mr. Popular sounds like. This four-piece also includes a former Motorcycle Boy and boasts formal connections to various Dolls, Dead Boys and Ramones.”
– Creem Magazine (America)

“Mix one part Velvet Underground, one part Iggy Pop, two parts puréed dick cheese, season with ground Geritol and you have the recipe for Sour Jazz. Although not entirely terrible, you need to know this group is nowhere near as good as the two I’ve just compared them to. Sour Jazz strikes me as another retirement band for washed up rockers whose attempt to project an image of sophistication by flirting with jazz has left them grasping to maintain the edginess of their youth. The result is far from graceful or rousing. Perhaps I can help illustrate this with a line from the opening track “Big Generator” ...“I’m going to shake my potatah / in your incubatah / and ride the elevatah / to your big generatah.” Wow. Poetry, I tell yah.”
– Nerve Magazine (Canada)

Top photo by Olga Zeltser

Bottom photographer unknown

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